Direct Mail

Direct Mail continues to be an effective, popular & very cost-effective form of advertising even in a modern age dominated by electronic media. Direct Mail allows you to interact with the end user in a very personal way. Each direct mail piece is different in appearance touch and often interactive with scent and scratch applications.

Here are some proven facts about Direct Mail:

1) 81% of Canadians read their mail the same day they receive it;
2) 70% of Canadians are likely to respond to samples or coupons received in the mail;
3) 92% of Canadians are likely to open mail with a company they do business with;
4) Adding Direct Mail to a multi media campaign increases awareness by 20%

Direct Mail lets you reach your ideal target audience and connect with customers. Direct mail in the form of a brochure or catalogue is often kept around on coffee tables around peoples homes and shared by many people in a household. Tracking results of your direct mail campaign can be easily monitored and used to determine the return on investment of your direct mail campaign.

Considering the overload that current consumers face daily from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Banner ads, pop-ups and SPAM emails, a personalized direct mail piece is a welcome addition to any marketing campaign.

Start your Direct Mail campaign today by talking to us. The Mailing House is an accredited Canada Post Direct Marketing Special that can help you better understand your options about Direct Mail when working with Canada Post.

Source: Consumers and Direct Mail, CP13-214 Sept 2013